Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 27

Highlights of the last week - The Chatham County JAM Band - played for the 3rd Friday Art Walk in Siler City and ended up with their picture on the front page of the Chatham News. 

I had an enjoyable lunch with Pat Dawson from Paperbacks Plus (Siler City) and we tried the new Deli in Siler City in the shopping center where Belks and the new Tractor Supply Store is located.  Lunch was very good, Pat enjoyed their Chicken Taco Soup and salad while I had a Ruben Sandwich.  It was a nice change of pace!

The Goldston/Bear Creek Community sent a mission team to Nicaragua and we were pleased to be able to receive an update everyday.  You can find the updates and daily picture on the Goldston United Methodist Church Facebook page. 

Chatham Central High School - PTA had their Chicken Tender Benefit on Friday at the Goldston Fire Department -  The money raised will go towards providing the "extras" that the school will need this year.

On Saturday, Goldston was one of the stops for a piece of one of the towers from 9/11.  This 19' metal piece made its way through 3 different ceremonies - Pittsboro, Goldston and Siler City.  It will hopefully find a permanent home by 9/11/2011 here in Chatham.

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